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Health In Your Workplace


  • Always try and leave your desk clear before you go home
  • Prioritise the tasks you need to do the next day by making a list
  • Cross each job off the list on completion
  • Do your filing whatever kind of filing it is!!
  • If you cannot get something finished or you need help do not be afraid to ask
  • If you do not know how to do something - ask do not worry about it
  • Do not be afraid to say 'No' if you cannot physically take on more work
  • It is better to do quality tasks rather than a quantity of tasks to a poor standard


As you read this have you been sat at your desk for hours in front of a computer? Or on a factory line busy doing the same thing for the past few hours? Or on the checkout being nice to customers?


  • In your breaks go for a walk
  • Use muscles that have been idle
  • Leave the building, get some fresh air or
  • Go and speak to someone different and not about work!


Do not go all day without something to eat in your lunch break, whatever time of day or night it is. Your body needs to have regular fuel to keep going and long gaps between meals makes the body hold onto fats and water because it is in survival mode. Regular drinks, especially water, stop dehydration and help you to be more alert.


Stress can damage physical health, social relationships and the way we function at work and at home.

If is important to remember that the following symptoms may have nothing to do with stress but they are often danger signals which should not be ignored:

Physical signs - Like headaches, insomnia, indigestion, high blood pressure.
Behaviour aspects - Such as poor work performance, accidents, poor relationships at home and work, dependence on tobacco, drugs and alcohol.
Emotional factors - Such as irritability, lack of concentration, axiety, depression.

If you feel 'stressed' then look at positive ways to make your working day better. Try using the workloads, exercise and eating sections above. If nothing is working it is important to speak to someone about it.


Book a holiday, it does not have to be in Barbados, just a change of scenery, organise a trip, or give yourself a reward for your hard work. This gives you something to look forward to, and to plan for.

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