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What is an ophthalmic optician?


Ophthalmic opticians are also called optometrists and opticians. They are qualified to do eye sight tests and prescribe and supply you with spectacles, glasses or contact lenses.


Why have regular eyesight tests?

It is recommended that everyone has an eyesight test every couple of years. Prevention is always better than cure. Regular check ups enable the Optician to keep your eyes healthy.


The benefits of an eyesight test are many:

  • You keep your eyesight longer
  • If you have glasses and the precription needs changing it can usually be done on site.
  • Medical conditions are identified sooner and treated
  • Screening for glaucoma is a normal procedure

Who is entitled to free sight tests


Some people are entitled to free sight tests. Examples of these include people: under 16 or under 19 and in full-time education; receiving income support or family credit; who are registered blind or partially sighted; who have diabetes or glaucoma. Further information is available from the DSS.


Looking after your eyes


By wearing safety glasses and protective goggles while playing sports or working with hazardous and air-borne materials you will lower your risk of eye injury, impaired vision, and complete loss of sight.


Be aware of your surroundings and ensure that you wear sunglasses on very bright days to protect your eyes from the power of the sun.


Always check with your optician if you have any concerns. If your doctor suggests that you need to visit the Optician make an appointment, keep it and make sure you tell the Optician why you have come along.

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