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Foreign Travel The world is a much smaller place now, with transport systems taking us everywhere in shorter times. Before you travel it may be necessary to check with the travel agent and the surgery to whether or not you need special injections for the continent you are travelling to. In some cases you can be denied entry if you do not have a certificate proving that you have had the correct injections. Your surgery will advise you whether or not they give particular injections and how much they will cost.  Book an appointment with the Practice Nurse for the travel clinic. Your doctor will advise you of any specific medicines you should have with you. You must ensure that you are vaccinated at least 6 weeks before departure where it is necessary. Malaria tablets have to be taken, as advised, before departure. Here are a number of the diseases you may wish to ask about when you visit the doctor, prior to going abroad. The doctor will advise you on your requirements depending on which continent you are travelling to. Polio Tetanus Typhoid Hepatitis A Hepatitis B Yellow Fever Diphtheria Malaria There are some simple self help things you can do to make any trip safer. Be safe Be hygienic Have a small first aid kit including re-hydration sachets Watch what you eat Drink bottled water Check whether the ice cubes are 'home made' or bought in Take effective precautions for sun protection i.e. sun creams Take any medication your GP advises to protect yourself like Malaria tablets An E111 card is a document of proof entitling you to free or reduced medical treatment when travelling through Europe. Travelling with an E111 will provide cover for yourself, your spouse and any dependany children up to the age of 16 years (19 years if in full time education). E111 cards can be obtained from the Post Office. It is important to carry a photocopy of your E111 with the original especially when visiting France, Holland, Germany, Italy and Spain where a photocopy will be required. An E111 will allow emergency medical cover. It is not a medical insurance policy and will not cover further treatment or repatriation. Have a great holiday, wherever you go.

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